Which Internet Marketing Course?

If you are new to affiliate marketing then you will need some sort of internet marketing training. The great thing with this business is that you can get all the information that you need to be successful online from the Internet.

Now if you just do a search for Internet marketing course in Google, you are going to get a mass of information which will undoubtedly get your head spinning and leave you more confused than when you started.

So when looking for an internet marketing course you need to ask yourself a couple of questions;

1 – What do you already know?

  • Are you fairly confident online?
  • Have you done a Squidoo lens or have you set up a blog?
  • Do you know basic html?
  • Have you even set up your own site before?

2 – What is your budget?

If funds are really tight then it might be better to get all the free information that you can before spending your money on a course that is more targeted.

There are two types of Internet Marketing Course: Paid and Free

Your free internet marketing course will;

  • give you an overview of internet marketing and should cover in detail at least one important aspect of online marketing.
  • It will invariably be either a downloadable PDF or a video series contained within a blog or site.
  • It should be written by proven authors, they will probably have screen shots of their weekly earnings to show you just how well this system works for them.
  • Just because it is free, your internet marketing course should still contain content that is really valuable and you should come away knowing more than before you downloaded or watched it.
  • The instructions should be clear and easily understood and you should be taken through the entire process of what you are learning, whether it is setting up a website, or learning basic html.
  • Now it probably won’t be updated on a regular basis if at all so watch the relevancy of what you are being taught.
  • It should also be entirely possible to make at least a sale or two based on the system that you have been taught.
  • There should not be any obligation to purchase anything else.

Examples of recommended free internet marketing courses are;

  • Affilorama.com,
  • EricsTips.com and
  • ProjectMom.com for a free overall affiliate marketing course
  • TheDamWay.com takes a comprehensive look at article marketing

Ok, now we get onto paid marketing courses.

Your paid affiliate marketing course should contain;

  • A detailed step by step process.
  • It should be really detailed and leave nothing out, so that by the time you have finished your course you should be an expert at the subject.
  • Your paid course should be updated regularly at no extra charge.
  • It should also have some sort of guarantee with it, so that if you find that you have downloaded it and are not happy with the information you can get your money back.
  • There should be no obligation to buy anything else from the author. You will probably have to buy domain names and hosting, but these are questions that you can ask your author before you buy into the course.
  • They should be written by a proven author
  • These days I would expect video as well as PDF downloads.

Prices of internet marketing courses vary greatly, but this is directly relative to what you will be learning; for example a twelve week fully comprehensive internet marketing course like AffiloBlueprint that takes you from niche selection and keyword research to website building, traffic generation and PPC which also includes a private forum, discussion group and unlimited support will be far more expensive than a course like One Week Marketing that goes through one aspect of internet marketing.

Sometimes your internet training comes as part of a monthly membership like the one found at WealthyAffiliate.com

With any paid internet marketing course you should be able to sample the course before buying into it.

You should also be able to make a good living from affiliate marketing by following the process that you have been taught.

Whether free or paid the key is to stick to it until you master the system that you are using. That way you will know where you need to improve your skills and which questions you need to ask to further your education.

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